NL REVIEW! Is Davolee’s New Single, “Love” A Hit Potential, Or Yet Another Trash?

Davolee is a good guy. Talented, consistent, he’s got the hustle spirit, he even had a platform once. 

Things just didn’t turn out well for the “Festival Bar” rapper. His relationship with Olamide‘s YBNL got sour and things took a downward spiral from there.

But with that much talent, he wasn’t just gonna give up. He kept grinding, as he should.

And, many months after, what we’ve got is a  trial-and-error version of Davolee that don’t sound like he knows what he’s doing? Does he even know what he wants to do?

So, when I saw the release of a new Davolee song, what was on my mind was, will this be different? Will this be the track that will stand out and set him apart? Will this be his “Able God” or his “Ko Por Ke“?

The short answer to that is NO!

Davolee‘s new single, “Love” is bright. But as long as we’re being honest, I gotta say, this isn’t exactly special material.

Yes, Davolee gets something right on this one. His choice of beats has improved, and then he’s getting comfortable with the singing thing he’s been trying for a while.

But “Love” doesn’t just cut it. If you’re trying to score a hit, this new single is definitely not the way to go. At least, that much is obvious on the first listen. It’s a song worth checking out nonetheless.

“Love” just like the other songs he’s been dropping, sounds like the guy could really use some Record Label A&R work. The songs, though usually well intended, lack proper execution, and don’t have any direction.

Overall, it’s underwhelming.

Listen below:-

Loveby Davolee


On A Scale Of 1 – 10, What Would You Rate Davolee’s “Love”?

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