#BBNAIJA!! Whitemoney Is Pretending, Not The Cool Person You All Think He Is (SEE WHY)

We are all gullible to see the angle of who Whitemoney truly is

The Enugu boy has succeeded in painting himself the angel/saint in the face of millions of viewers.

Nigerians are too lazy to study peoples reactions and attitudes. We are temperamental to what we see or hear at the first stage.

No one even cares to hear Pere’s explanation on why he has beef with Whitemoney in the house. Pere like every other person deserves every right to air his opinion and be perceived.

If not for the animosity that happened last night between him and Pebre, no one would have heard that the Igbo man has shunned Pere countless times even before getting into the house.

How Did Whitemoney Dislike Pere Before The Show?

It comes to my notice that Whitemoney has created enmity with Pere the very first time he was informed that Pere is a wildcard.

Is there anything wrong with being a wildcard? Is that his fault to be a wildcard? So why snubbing his friend request because you feel he’s not an original housemate? Didn’t he deserve to stay too?

Recall that Whitemoney told all housemates immediately Biggie revealed the two wildcards that he already knew Pere is one of the wildcards.

I know you would want to ask that, why doesn’t he reveal it to the whole housemates before Biggie if truly he doesn’t like Pere?

The answer to the above question is that Whitemoney didn’t keep Pere a secret because of anything but because of the consequences he might face.

Moreover, Biggie might probably ask him how did he know and where did he get the information which might complicate things for him.

If you noticed Whitemoney’s reaction after the housemates failed to identified Pere as the wildcard, you will see he’s not welcoming Pere’s existence.

Is that not enough for Pere to take the hatred up?

Whitemoney is somebody that can control his reaction, unlike Pere, so nobody would notice he had something against Pere but everybody can see Pere facing him publicly.

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