Before You Cut Off That Friendship, Read This

I have lived for decades and i have had several friends.

I have had friends with very annoying manners but with an amazing heart of gold.

I have met ladies who are demonically stubborn but are loyal to the core, ladies who told me they can’t date me but had stood by me come rain or shine.

I have met friends who act so arrogant but will always have my back whenever it is necessary.

People who do not have any money to give to me whenever I’m in need, but their words of encouragement are worth millions.

The simple fact of life is that there is no need to cut off anyone from your life or consider them irrelevant to you at any point in time, cos that person that drives you crazy might be the same person that will come through for you when you least expect.

That person you feel is too poor to give you money might be the one that will link you with a life-changing opportunity that will be worth more than all the money you have ever seen in your life…and the ex you are so angry with might still have a great impact in your life.

Appreciate everybody and be nice to them because there is something good and valuable in everyone we come across no matter how terrible we may think they are, even that tout you avoid so much might be the one that will save you from hoodlums tomorrow.

So, Before You Cut Off That Friendship, Think Twice

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