Should EFCC Be Scrapped Too?

The report of the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has been reaching us as average Nigerians condemned its operations

The financial crimes control agency has now been trending on Social Media as Nigerians are posting their experiences with the EFCC.

It’s almost a year since the biggest protest Nigerians had against Police, a protest to curb the menace of Police officers particularly the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS).

To be honest, the no leader protest economically affected many things in Nigeria, it claims the lives of individuals mostly at the Lekki Toll Gate scene.

A reasonable Nigerian won’t pray such to repeat itself. We all know the number of people that lost their lives, the families that are still in pain.

It seems the EFCC is another sector Nigerians youth will agitate for its disbandment sooner, it’s getting to us that the agency is doing over necessity. Falsing report, blackmailing innocent youths and extorting people.

In recent, SaharaReporters reported that EFCC arrested ten persons for alleged Internet-related fraud in Kaduna in which the suspected fraudsters denied the allegation and called out EFCC for blackmailing and tarnishing their reputations.

One of the suspected fraudsters namely “Japheth” said

“We were released on Wednesday night but we will have to go back there next week to sign a paper; I don’t know the reason for this. The officers found nothing incriminating on our phones and they returned them to us but the problem now is, our records are with them, they opened a file for us, despite our innocence. At first, they assured us that they will not post anything and that they will not open any file for us but when we came out, we started seeing our names online as having committed a crime we know nothing about.

“What they have done is a very bad and a dent on our image; it can destroy our future. That is my problem. Aside from my studentship, I also work as a tailor, I am not an internet fraudster.”

Another harassment from the EFCC is on the ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Dorathy Bachor.

EFCC goes on number one trend after Dorathy reveal what happened to her with security officers last night as she claimed they illegally broke into her apartment.

She shared her ordeal below

“I feel like my head is about to explode.

“At 4:35 I heard a loud bang and voices, I rushed out to see five armed EFCC men in my living room and one of them saying ‘Oh na that Big brother girl be this’.

“In my confused state I was trying to understand why they broke down my door. Then one of them said they were looking for someone who ran into the estate and I should lock my door and stay indoors and not say a word.

“I’m shaking at this point and so confused because at what point is this Okay.

“What is the need of being a citizen of this country when I can’t feel safe in my own house.”

My Opinion

I think EFCC should improve in its method of arresting people, a suspected criminal should never be posted on the internet until evidence proves he/she is actually into a criminal act.

Breaking into people’s apartments is a violation of human rights privacy which is unprofessional. The power given to EFCC is too much that they mostly don’t need a search warrant before intruding people’s privacy. This must stop!

Investigation after arresting people is another concern we should look into, it’s unprofessional just a method of extorting Nigerians.

This is our country and we deserve every right to fight for our freedom. This is the 21st century and not a military regime.

What do you have to say about this?

Should EFCC Be Scrapped Too Just As SARS?

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